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Pregnancy Yoga is a wonderful exercise for Mums to be. It can promote a greater sense of calmness and awareness around your ever-changing body and help you connect with your baby. The postures and the breathwork Sally focuses on are beneficial in helping you prepare physically and emotionally for your labour. Pregnancy yoga can also help relieve common ailments associated with pregnancy.

Yoga that is adapted for Pregnancy can transform your prenatal experience and the birth of your child. Uncover your inner strength to help you bring your baby into this world.

Students who are 12+ weeks are welcome and you can continue right up until you give birth.

How can Pregnancy Yoga benefit you?

  • Boost your energy levels
  • Keeps the body strong and supple
  • Connect with your breath and become more physically aware of your body
  • Relieve tension promote relaxation
  • Discover birthing positions for a healthy labour
  • Relieve minor ailments (e.g heartburn, swollen joints, PSD, sciatica)
  • Help you relax and promote restful sleep

What do I need?

You need your own Yoga mat, and a cushion. Wear something loose and comfortable. You might also like to have a blanket and a bottle of water and maybe eat a light snack before class.

When can I start Pregnancy Yoga?

You can come to classes any time from the second trimester onwards (12+ weeks). You can continue right up until you give birth.


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